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Background: Gorch Fock

Sailing ship "Gorch Fock"

Rock crystal quartz (56.26 kg gross weight)
23 rock crystal quartz sails, matt engraved

18 k. Gold
331 brilliant-cut Diamonds
over 4,000 individual parts
645x180 mms, 425 mms high


18 k.



Total weight 

8.880 gr. 

Have a look at the unbelievable history of its origin

Mississippi Queen

A side wheel steamer built after the original.

Ship's hull made of rock crystal quartz, as well as superstructures, with cargo (barrels, crates, wood bumps, cotton bales, etc.) worked in various gemstones. Bucket wheel in 18 k. Gold and Enamel, with electric drive and lighting as well as steam generator. With emerald, Ruby, Sapphire cabouchons and 611 brilliant-cut Diamonds.
length with rock crystal quartz base: 410 mms

Offshore Speedboat

Cut from a single piece of rock crystal quartz with five Ruby-plates and Cabouchons in Sapphire and Emerald, 211 brilliant-cut Diamonds, 18 k. Gold. Built on a wave of matt rock crystal quartz and a pedestal box, in 18 k. Gold framed with CD player and two speakers as well as light with original engine noise.
Size 380 × 220 × 230 mms

Roman galley

Ship's hull made of rock crystal quartz, length 475 mms. The sails in rock crystal, matt, 28 green Enamel shields on 18 k. Gold With Sapphire and Emerald Cabouchons and 660 brilliant-cut Diamonds
over 1,500 working hours

Emil Becker KG

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