Manfred Wild

He calls himself "Crazy Manfred". He talks to gemstones and designs quirky ojects d'art from them. He is the best oft the best, one of the most innovative gem designers in the world. Collectors a snapping up his work.


Background: A special production for the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean

My Career

„Der Meister des zauberhaften Spiels mit Edelsteinen."
"The master of the charming play with precious stones"


Born in Kirschweiler near to Idar-Oberstein. Family tradition of gemstone processing since 1630. 


Apprenticed as gemstone merchant. The knowledge about what was possible in design stimulated very early the interest in self-education concerning the fields of Fine Arts, Gemstone Cutting, Engraving amd Gold-smith Craft. 


Together with his wife Ute the tradition of the firm Emil Becker, Kirschweiler, was carried on. With a small team of expertly skilled gemstone cutters, engravers, goldsmiths and enamelling specialists the most unique and inspired objects are being created from precious stones. 

Fine materials, utmost sophistication in craftmanship and skills, and also a pronouncedsense for minute details - this is what sets these works apart from the others, and this is also the reson why today quite a few of these objects have found their way into famous museums and renowned private collections where they can be admired all over the world. This finest and most elegant addresses all aroudn the globe are supplied via internationally famous jewellers.

Clarinet: First playable rock crystal clarinet of the world, rock crystal, gold and brilliants. 

-Substance only is forever -

"The vision of the substance of a stone and the talent to display this are in fact the decisive factor besides the sheer pleasure of creation and the joy of playful elements which fascinates us so much in Manfrad Wild's gemstone creations."  


Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande

Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon

Manfred Wild also received the following awards and recognitions for his work:

  • Badge of Honour of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Various jewellery and gemstone prizes

Animal Carousel

more than 4000 single parts of precious stones, gold, enamel.  

Emil Becker KG

Some impressions of my works

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