"When India Early Minshall, a wealthy collector of Fabergé purchased an egg in 1944,
she stated, "Fabergé was called the Benvenuto Cellini of the North, but I do not think
any jeweler can ever be compared to him"  -  She could not know that someday the work
of Manfred Wild rival the work of the great Russian jeweler..."

Bonhams & Butterfields, Los Angeles Auction House

The international press calls Manfred Wild the Fabergé of the 21st century.


Our Gem-Egg-Creations

Egg with 150.000 Facettes

The Granet-Egg + with history of origin

Many more unique egg creations

Egg with 150.000 Facettes

Egg and base parts cut out of clean rock crystal quartz, faceted.

On base part removable flower-pin and ear-clips.

Revolving knop Citrine faceted


18 k.


over 50 cm



Vase in Citrine faceted

Flowers with removable brooch and ear studs.
All flowers are made of faceted stones of the finest quality:

196 pink + red Tourmalines
66 Rubellites
250 Aquamarines
136 yellow Beryls
90 Mandarin Garnets
45 Morganites
35 Lolites
52 Tanzanites
125 Peridots
22 Citrines
250 Emeralds
90 Rubies
82 Sapphires
1351 Brilliants


A 150 mms transparent egg was cut from a 8.8 kg garnet from India.

Thus the worlds biggest garnet egg was created.

The red colour of the cut garnet was best matched by a cross made entirely of raw and cut diamonds.

More egg-creations

The ideas for the egg creations are mainly based on the special features of raw stones and pearls, which form the interior life of the eggs.

Experience some selected egg creations:

  • Mexican Rose
  • Big pair of Flower-eggs
  • Lotus-Flower-Egg
  • Thanksgiving
  • peacock egg
  • castle egg
  • Carmen
  • hunting break
  • Mozart's Little Night Music
  • Siddharta
  • Winter egg

"Precious Gem-Egg-Creations"

The extensive book with numerous Gem-Egg-Creations on more than 200 pages is available in specialist stores (ISBN: 978-3-00-035211-9) as well as directly from Emil Becker under the contact details given. 


18k gold / 20,5 cm high

Inside egg a brooch with a natural mexican Fire Opal in the shape of a rose, set in platinum and gold with 29 faceted green Tsavolites and 230 brilliant-cut diamonds  

On a base of rock crystal quartz and onyx, set with brilliant-cut diamonds and 4 fire opal Cabochons, an olive green enamelled egg with a mexican Fire Opal as opener. On top of the egg a natural mexican Fire Opal in shape of a flower with a white-gold-bud set with Diamonds. 

Big Pair of Flower-Eggs

Worked as an exact identical pair of eggs. 4 egg shells in rock crystal 250x195 mm. 2 Bases in Lapis-Lazuli 195x195 mm square with built-in mechanical rotators to turn both flowers-vases in the egg synchronously, and a musical work with the Flower-waltz by Tchaikovsky. The eggs will be opened and closed with the big grooved Lapis-Lazuli-Knobs in the middle. Both vases in the eggs are an absolute identical pair in fine grooved Citrine. 690 Flowers are always excatly carveed as a pair in rock crystal, Cascolong, Lapis-Lazuli, yellow Agate, Carnelian, blue Chalcedony, Turquoise, Rosequartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Aquamarine and Tourmaline. Also set are 63 Rubies, 135 Sapphires, 68 Emeralds, 10 Pearls and 468 brilliant-cut Diamonds. 

In total are worked:

Sterling silver
The pair is 49 cm high
with a total weight of 20,5 kgs


37 cm high

The egg has 24 rock crystal quartz parts with intaglio-engravings, set into 18 k. Gold. Also the rock crystal base is engraved and set with blue enamel, Ruby Cabochons, Lapis-Lazuli discs and pearls. At the middle-part grooved Rosequartz with 2 facetted rock crystal rondels. Inside the egg, on an open Lotus-blossom, carved out of single parts of Rosequartz and rock crystal quartz frosted, a fine polished Rosequartz bud, set with 951 white diamonds and 193 pink diamonds. From the Rosequartz-bud you can fold out to both sides a picture frame in Gold.


A white enamelled egg, opener and tip with ruby and facetted rock crystal quartz and brilliant-cut Diamond. Inside the egg, on a revolving aquamarine base, a turkey from a rough Diamond, with carved Ruby head, 18 k. Gold and 57 Diamonds. Base rock crystal quartz with ruby plate, 2 facetted rock crystal quartz intermediate parts and red Enamel on 18k. Gold with 152 Diamonds.


18 k. Gold / over 30 cms high

Egg in rock crystal with ornament engraving. Base and middle part rock crystal engraved, with 2 peacocks of Sapphire and ruby engraved sitting on raw Emerald. Inside the egg a peacock engraved out of one piece green-blue Sapphire on Emerald base.
12 Emerald carres facetted
20 Ruby carres facetted  
8 Sapphire carres facetted  
4 Emerald grapefruit
Ruby balls  
111 Diamonds
Closure red Enamel with 1 Sapphire cabochon and 12 Emerald cabochons.


18 k. Gold / 12 x 12 cm octagon, 22 cm high

On a base of octagon rock crystal quartz and green Aventurine, a fine natural Chrysocolla mineral as landscape, surrounded by an 18 k. golden castle wall. On top of the golden tower a red enameled egg with gold and aquamarine carres. Inside the egg a silver-mountain of Diamonds as ring-etui. The ring for the "lord of the castle" in 18 k. Gold and a green Tourmaline octagon and 4 Diamonds. There is also the ring for the "Lady of the castle" in 14 k rosé -gold with a green rectangle Tourmaline 20x8 mms and 4 Ruby-cabochon.


In a base out of jasper, red enamel, black Onyx and 18k gold a revolving mechanism with music. On the black onyx middle-part 4 fans made of red, green, blue and violet enamel. The egg-shells out of a clean rock crystal quartz and the opener in red enamel and a rose-cut Diamond. Inside the egg on a revolving black onyx-stage "Carmen" from a rough diamond.

Hunting break

Rock crystal quartz egg with 18 k. Gold oak leaves, with a hunting gun to shoot with 2 mm cartridges. Hunting bag for the cartridges and a pair of binoculars in 18k. gold. The egg stands on a silver stem with a hunting gun in silver and jasper, and a backpack carved out of Wyoming-Jade and Gold, a boundary stone out of a natural Chiastolith and the hunting dog out of jasper, onyx eyes and angelskin Coral tongue. Base-plate green Anventurin with an oak-leaf-band in 18 k. Gold.

Mozart's Little Night Music

On a black hexagonal obsidian base three golden harps with Citrine, 17 blue Sapphire-cabochons and 188 Diamonds. On top an egg out of rock crystal quartz, all around carved with notes of "Little Night Music". Inside the egg a music stand, 18 k. Gold with a music-book out of Mother of Pearl, and also engraved with these notes. On the stand a removable brooch as violin 18k Gold with 5 Ruby facetted carres and 17 brilliant-cut Diamonds.  


An egg cut out of rock crystal quartz, all around carved like frost-work on a window.
The base is a wonderfull rock crystal quartz mineral (Brazil). Egg and base set with Ice-crystals and Stars, set with diamonds. At the base with a removable pendant made of a white, matt drop pearl and a natural diamond octahedron. The Ice-stars are set with diamonds. Inside the egg is revolving a white-Gold Ice-Star, both sides all around set with Diamonds and 3 rose-cut Diamonds.    

Emil Becker KG

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