Music Objects

Music and precious stone
This sounds good and also fits together well.

Over the centuries, both have retained their important social function, namely to make people happy. So what could be more natural than to work musical objects in precious material, mostly as fine miniatures? If such noble miniatures are successful, it is tempting to try them in their original size, such as a gramophone from the early 20th century, of course fully functional. After we had finished the first violin and clarinet in original size in rock crystal, we couldn't stop imagining whether an instrument in precious stone could also be made to sound. We worked on it with extreme precision and succeeded in making the world's first fully functional clarinet in rock crystal, gold and diamond. Music and gemstone, a wonderful theme, be it as miniatures as egg creations, as gems, in connection with funny animal creations, clowns or playable instruments.


The object has a built-in CD player and speakers.

Drums red. Jasper, white. Quartz and Onyx
Keyboard onyx, white Dolomite.
Electric guitar Calchedon, Onyx
Saxophone Onyx
Amplifier and speaker Onyx + Obsidian stage black. Mother of Pearl and gold-plated mirror with electric sound machine and mini spotlight 18 k. Gold
400x300 mms

Elephant Orchestra

Engraved in grey Agate
Vest white Chalcedony with Sapphire buttons and black. Opal bow tie Jacket red jasper, trousers Lapis-Lazuli with music instruments made of Silver
Obsidian base 18 k. Gold
Height approx. 17 - 19 cm


Rock Crystal with Ornament - Engraving facetted Amethyst and Citrine
Base rock crystal quartz and Obsidian 18 k. Gold 210x140 mms, height 410 mms



Made of rock crystal quartz
18 k. Gold and 669 diamonds 480 mms long


Worked in original size
Made of rock crystal quartz, Obsidian and Onyx, Emerald, Cabouchon and Diamonds, 18 k. Gold

Fully functional gramophone

Exact reproduction of a gramophone from the turn of the century using parts and musical mechanism of an antique original. 

Box in Rubies, out of carved rock crystal quartz and obsidian, with an original drive for the shellac records and additional built-in CD player with two stereo speakers. Crank chrome-plated with a Ruby as well as Emerald and Ruby cabouchons and 18 k. Gold. Arm gold-plated with a total of 79 brilliant-cut Diamonds and a Ruby navette. Emerald cabouchons in 18 k. Gold as cartridge holder. Funnel of 30 parts rock crystal quartz with intaglio engravings. Weight: 7400grs.
Ruby plates
961 Diamonds
16 facetted Ruby carres
62 Emerald cabouchons
Substructure with turntable: 26,540 g
Total weight: 33,940 grs, size 410 × 550 × 830 mms, diameter 450 mms
3500 working hours

Louis Armstrong

Engraved from a raw black Opal (approx. 11 kgs gross weight). Trumpet 18 k. Gold. Also the jacket buttons. Shirt and sleeves in white australian Opal. Head and hands in brown Agate. Eyes from Kascholong. Black Obsidion base.

Emil Becker KG

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