Precious time

Background: Pendule Mystérieuse

Pendule Mystérieuse

The clock face is a hand facetted natural 70mm Citrine (Brazil). Inside the Citrine is turning a Diamond-triangle, showing the time.

The clock-movement was handcrafted by F. Jutzi from Switzerland. The clock is covered with sapphire (Madagascar) and ruby (India).
Also was worked in this creation: 84 diamonds and at the base 287 diamonds.There are 20 Diamond-triangles aswell.
All worked in 18k Gold
Size 150 × 112 mms, Height 240 mms

Octagon Citrine Clock

Natural Citrine 130 x 100 mm octagon
8-days clock-movement handcrafted,
Base: Black Jade
18 k. Gold

Sea Chronometer

Handmade clock-movement from Wempe in rock crystal quartz and 18 k. Gold
1,426 brilliant-cut diamonds.
104 Aquamarine.
2.500 working hours
250 x 250 mms, 266 mms high

„Dancing on a rainbow“

8-days-clockmovement, handmade
with facetted precious stones
in rock crystal quartz housings,
18 k. Gold
top 1 Cameo black-white Agate 140x125 mm,
370 mm high

Emil Becker KG

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